The life of Daisy Cohen reveals itself slowly and then all at once. The soft curves and hues of dreaminess, strong bursts of energetic creativity, the depth and darkness of secrets. These among other stories are ever present in her art. At the same time her paintings do much more than explain her past and future; they evoke emotions and wonder in the viewer, prompting contemplative thought or perhaps just intensifying one's mood. Her collaborative approach with her audience is the catalyst of her work. "My greatest fear is that my art will be viewed but, not experienced. That the viewer will feel nothing."

After years of being in the fashion industry as an illustrator, this New York City based artist decided to take a different path in her career. This time, exploring something less based in the world. Once you see her work, you will find the odyssey, the need to explore all that is beyond our reach yet exists within all of our souls. These works are a part of space, time and mystery.

One such process involves complex layering in a backwards method. She starts painting from behind the glass, beginning with the layer that you will see first and then building onto the depth of the background. She is painting through the ebb and flow of her emotions, as there is no way to know how the work will look aesthetically or what message it conveys until complete.

How does she know when it is done? Only when she feels it is time to walk away like any good relationship.

-Written by Michele Dopp, New York Art Editor and Representative

My work has been exhibited at the Venezuelan Consulate, Warburg Tribeca and Agora Galleries in NYC. My collectors include Mr and Mrs George Manahan Conductor New York Opera, Patrick Delaney Vice President UBS Bank, Ken Schwartzreich President Cubic Consulting, and Tony Yurgaitus owner Manolo Blanik Shoes.

-Daisy Cohen